Variety Box of Mixed Mince with bone 12kg
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Variety Box of Mixed Mince with bone 12kg

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We offer a variety box of mixed minces with bone for your furry friends to try out some of our range of products! The mixes are picked at random, but you will be sure to receive a variety! 

Possibilities include..

Beef Mince, Turkey Mince, Duck Mince, Chicken Mince, Tripe Mince, Salmon Mince & Haddock Mince!

We also have 50/50 Split Minces.. 

Turkey & Salmon, Chicken & Salmon, Chicken & Tripe, Beef & Tripe, Turkey & Tripe, Duck & Tripe, Beef & Chicken and finally Beef & Turkey! 

Each box contains 27x 454g Individual portions.